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Where The Sidewalk Ends

14 Oct

Hi guys ūüôā Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. ¬†So much has happened this summer, but now fall is arriving and cooling everything down including my life. ¬†I want some hot chocolate and cookies now that I’m writing about the crisp season approaching my small, country college town. ¬†I’m in a new apartment with new¬†roommates¬†(thank goodness). ¬†All in all they are okay¬†roommates. ¬†The only negative thing that has happened so far at this house is that one evening I came home to a passed out roomie locked inside the bathroom, (we had to take a butter knife to pry the door knob off), and a shower full of vomit I later had the pleasure of cleaning up. Yeah, gross. ¬†Don’t worry :/ . ¬†We are still on good terms. ¬†She apologized to me and told me it would never happen again. ¬†Let’s hope not.

My classes this semester are the hardest I’ve ever taken . ¬†I’m taking a lot of 400-level writing intensive courses (the highest level of classes my college offers for undergrads) this time around,so the workload has doubled. ¬†On top of my daily mountain of school work I’m back to working at the writing center; I’m working more hours at the center this semester. ¬†All this work is making my head spin and causing me to crash on the weekends; I do absolutely nothing but sleep and party. Partying? ¬†Yes; I¬†believe¬†partying is in¬†inevitable in a lifeless college town like mine. ¬†Now I’m not “animal house”¬† partying. ¬†At the types of parties I get invited to we talk about things like literature and religion over peppermint patty shots. ¬†Not as exciting and stereotypical as most college parties, but they are still fun.

This post is a really lazy one because nothing is really going on in my life at the moment. ¬†I’ve been writing poetry a lot lately; I’m starting to take my creative writing seriously. ¬†I’m not sure where I want to go with this writing, but right now it’s really relaxing and¬†therapeutic. ¬†Other than that there is nothing else. ¬†I’ll get back to you when there is. ¬†In the meanwhile, lets all live life drunk and full:




Things My Mother Never Told Me But I Discovered Them On My Own Post 1: Choose Your Roommates Wisely

28 May

One of¬†life’s important lessons that¬†college teaches you is¬†that there¬†will be¬†times in your life when you are¬†forced to¬†get along with people who have no desire to. ¬†I have plenty of experience with this since I have lived with three different sets of roommates during my college days. ¬†Each of them have confirmed my hatred of people. (Haha) I’m joking, but my stories are pretty bad:

Freshman Year On The Party Floor:

I entered college naive to the debauchery that I would have to endure for years to come. ¬†Sure I heard about crazy keg parties and the meaning behind socks hanging on doors before, but I thought those things were hidden college activities you had to search for; I was not ready for this type of “college” to¬†arrive at the front step of my dorm.

Now before I go on with my story let me give you a little background on who Kandice¬†was before college. ¬†I was raised¬†in a very strict, religious household, although my sisters and I had the freedom to do whatever we wanted within reason. ¬†At first college was not an¬†option for me¬†because my¬†parents worried about the negative influence I might be exposed to you know, drugs, sex, drinking, feminist thinking-anything that¬†challenged¬†our beliefs. ¬†My parents caved into the idea of college with the exception that I attended school with my twin sister and we were roommates for all four years. ¬†Sounds like a fool-proof plan to keep me¬†from falling in with the bad crowd, but oh how things do change…

Freshman Year: My first set of roommates were these perky, annoying, sorority white girls. ¬†I mention that their white because they¬†definitely¬†saw their race as a division between me and my sister. ¬†They were whiny, dirty, and unusually loud (they never walked, they always stomped). ¬†There was six of us and we shared a suite on the “party floor”. ¬†I didn’t know I lived on the party floor until one day I was riding the elevators and¬†someone¬†had taped right next to the 8th floor button “party floor”. ¬†If I knew my future weekends would consist of loud parties, drunk roommates, and tampons covered with pizza sauce (exactly, you’ve read right, pizza tampons) then I would have made sure to end up in a more quite dwelling place.

What really bothered me about my freshman roommates¬†was their passive-aggressiveness. ¬†Whenever there was an issue that¬†occurred between us they would rather write post-it notes than confront the issue. ¬†I remember there was this infamous note placed on the bathroom door¬†to remind us, and when I say “us” I mean me and my sister, that “kids in Africa don’t have toilet paper like we do so we need to learn how to conserve”. ¬†I mean I thought I was an approachable human¬†being, but apparently not. ¬†Those girls were horrible communicators, and they¬†definitely¬†taught me that some girls are not “sugar, spice, and everything nice”

Sophomore¬†Year: I had survived my Freshman year and I was really starting to enjoy college.¬† Me and my sister were now out of the freshman highrise and into a more traditional dorm room where we shared one bathroom with two neighboring girls.¬† Finally life was okay, but beware of the quiet before the storm; I should have been¬†on the lookout for storm clouds before life took a turn for the worse.¬† During the fall semester of my sophomore¬†year my twin sister started mentally spiraling out of control.¬† She¬†began to struggle¬†with depression and started developing a crippling¬†obsessive¬†compulsive disorder.¬† Things starting becoming dangerous for both of us¬†when she became physically and emotionally abusive¬†towards me; later in the year she became suicidal.¬† I would have to say this was one of the most stressful¬†periods of my life.¬† I was living a nightmare and trying to pass finals at the same time; not an easy combination.¬†¬† Half-way through the semester our family thought it was best¬†for my sister to leave school.¬† My sister’s health is better now, but our relationship has been very different since that year.

Junior Year: This year was my “renaissance¬†year”,¬†a time for me to correct the mistakes of the past.¬† I¬† spent the last two years of college sad and angry, and to tell you the truth my life before¬†school wasn’t that rosy to begin with; I was ready to take control of my happiness and live life the way I wanted to.¬† Junior year¬†has definitely¬†been a life-defining moment for me.¬† I’ve experienced so many things that I’m¬†just bursting at the seams¬†to blog about, but I’m staying focused and addressing one thing at a time.¬† This year I lived in a off-campus town house with three other girls; I mention them in the post “Look Mommy! No Hands”.¬† They were amazing roommates at first, but the saying is true: you never truly know people until you live with them.¬† The girls were great in the beginning.¬† We hung out once in a while, respected each other’s privacy, cleaned up after ourselves (when we had time): all was good in the hood.¬† Things went sour when certain individuals started taking advantage of our relaxed lifestyle.¬† Cleaning starting becoming an issue, parties were being had mid-week, people started hogging the washing facilities- the house started to become a zoo.¬† I think the worst experience I had with these girls is when I heard Surfer Girl having sex with her boyfriend.¬† That was one of the most disrespectful thing I have ever¬†experienced in my life.¬† Now being fair to her¬†she was drunk¬†that night, however she should have given¬†me a heads up before she decided to get wasted and¬†have a romp in the hay with him in the house.¬†¬†After the malarkey¬†these girls put me through¬†I was more than happy to turn in my apartment keys at the end of the semester.

I know what you’re probably¬†thinking.¬† After reading these horrible stories you’re probably wondering¬†why I haven’t left college yet.¬† Besides the given fact that I want to finish my education, school has been somewhat of a cram session¬†for life for me.¬† Although I’ve been cursed with the bad fortune of having terrible roommates, I am grateful that I had these experiences; maybe I wasn’t happy about them when I was living¬† them, but I¬† realize I needed to endure these moments to mature.¬† Living with these roommates from the black lagoon have taught me that life is really a bowl of assorted events and you never know what your hand is going to pull out. Maybe that is why I am in the situation I’m in now…

If you enjoyed this anecdote continue reading this blog and find out¬†more about the¬†“Things My Mother Never Told Me But I Discovered Them On My Own”.¬† Thanks for reading ūüôā

Elegy to the Memory of an Unfortunate Lady (which happens to be me right now): Life Update

5 Nov

Hey chickadees and dudes, long time no see! I’m still alive. School hasn’t killed me yet, but I’ve been e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y busy.  I haven’t had any time for myself, but today is a new day.  In fact it’s a special day, it’s FRIDAY! And because every Friday is Sabbath-like for me I will spend my afternoon entertaining you all and myself with that funny thing called life and my opinions about it.

The title of today’s post sounds so depressing, but I’m actually in a fairly good mood today. ¬†The weather is getting colder and fall semester is rapidly coming to a close. ¬†Halloween¬†is over (thank goodness!) and life is continuing as normally as it can in a small, country college town. ¬†I’m still single, but I satiate my¬†loneliness with K-pop,¬†YouTube, ¬†and my¬†Friday¬†night calzones (or nachos). ¬†This semester hasn’t been as boring as I’m describing it. ¬†I have learned a lot of things about people and the “adult world” I am now a citizen of. ¬†I’ve actually spent some time focusing on ME for once this semester and have found out some interesting things about myself and others around me.

1. People are not what they seem

Don’t trust their Facebook status’ and pics. ¬†Even though you may feel like you have become close with someone over the internet the relationship is¬†severely¬†limited by the lack of face-to-face communication. ¬†It’s hard to decipher the truth through your computer screen. ¬†No one is really 100% authentically themselves over the web, so keep that in mind when you are forming relationships with people.

2.  Everyone speaks a different language, especially your roommates

You think the other person gets what you’re saying and you guys both seem to agree, but when you turn around they do the complete opposite. ¬†Has anyone ever experienced this? ¬†I think if you’re living with¬†roommates¬†you most definitely will get a taste of this. ¬†I feel like I’m lost in translation most of the time because we talk about one thing, but plans seem to get totally changed. ¬†I swear I think I need to invest in a Webster Dictionary for college girls because my comprehension of words like “dirty”, “quiet”, and “moral” doesn’t seem to match with the other girls in my house. ¬†This miscommunication is becoming increasingly annoying, but I’m learning to become bilingual.

3.  People mature a different stages, even yourself

I hate¬†admitting this but I am still very immature even though I feel as if I’ve been through enough rough times to be considered mature. I’m learning that making mistakes isn’t necessarily¬†a bad thing; the world is not over if I fail. ¬†With that revelation, I have realized that since I’m a 20-year-old still making mistakes I shouldn’t expect my peers to be different. ¬†They shouldn’t have to be subject to my high expectations because we are all still growing. ¬†Being highly critical of others is a characteristic I need to change.

4.  Facebook is evil

Facebook is the most depressing place on the planet. ¬†If you are feeling lonely DO NOT GO ON FACEBOOK! ¬†All you will see is carefully selected photos of your friends, crushes, and ex-es having the time of their lives while you’re probably looking at these photos on a Friday night, alone, in your dorm with a plate full of greasy, bad decisions.

Those are just a few of the experiences I have learned from college so far.  I will keep you all updated on my adventures in college in future posts.

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Look Mommy! No Hands!

4 Sep

IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I’VE¬†BLOGGED!!!!!! I really missed writing on here. ¬†Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been trying to get my new messy life in order. ¬†There has been so many changes in my life I don’t know where to begin. ¬†First, remember that lovely job I had at the wonderful eating establishment Ruby Tuesday? Yeah,well I recently quit that job because I’m back at school and I couldn’t be happier.¬† Well, I didn’t really quit, or at least the way I wanted to.¬† If I had a choice on how I¬†left I would of destroyed the restaurant with a machine gun¬†and took a few cups of strawberry lemonade with me (Ruby Tuesday has the best strawberry lemonade ever!), but alas I didn’t have my day.

My job¬†anticipated the day I would go back to school; I just didn’t¬†know how much I would want to go back.¬†This summer working at that horrible¬†restaurant¬†was insane.¬† Not only was my boss a compelete narcissistic jerk, but the employees(some not all) were complete jokes.¬† I only stayed at the restaurant for two months, but those 60 days taught me that I have no business in the¬†restaurant industry.¬† I don’t want to re-hash all the crap I had to put up with at that job, but I will tell you what I won’t miss:

I won’t miss…

1. cruddy, manipulative, conniving bosses who only care about money rather than seeing others succeed

2. rude, no-tipping patrons

3. handsy¬† (touchy-feely) employees who think it’s funny to grab at you

4. working in the kitchen with convicts who clearly haven’t learned from their time in prison


The list could ¬†go on, but there probably isn’t enough space here for me to list all my grievances.

Moving on to better things,

As I’ve stated before I am back at school. ¬†Not only am I back at school, but I now live in a town house with three other

roommates off campus (gasp :0).  I know, in my quest to become an adult I skipped the baby step and took a giant leap into the deep end.  Not sure if this is a great idea, but so far things are going amazing.  I live with three wonderful, uniquely individual roommates:

Freud- A female psych major who is also apart of a¬†sorority. ¬†She is a very nice and calm person; sensitive to others feelings (makings of a great shrink?). ¬†She also likes to party. ¬†Let’s just hope this house won’t have too much in comparison with the film¬†Animal House .

Surfer¬†Girl- ¬†This girl is super chill. Nothing bothers her. ¬†I don’t know much about her yet, but she’s plastered our house with surf¬†paraphernalia so I do recognize her love for the board. ¬†She’s in a¬†sorority¬†and she also¬†skateboards.

Rich Girl- ¬†Rich girl is my bathroom buddy (In this house two bedrooms connect to each other through a bathroom) and in my opinion the coolest girl of the bunch. ¬†I love the way the universe set me up with her. ¬†First off, she’s really clean which is the quality that immediately won me over. Second, she’s into all the same things I’m into which made us instantly click. ¬†Third, is it¬†bad that¬†I became more¬†fascinated¬†with her when I found out she was rich? I mean, money does not mean a thing to me, but I’ve never been friends with a person with her kind of money. ¬†An example of how rich she is: for the past two weeks we have watched movies on her $9,000 television/computer set. ¬†Yes, you can now pick up your mouth off the floor :). ¬†I’m happy to say her¬†being¬†rich hasn’t affected our friendship. She’s not snobby and plays down her wealth a lot, so I’m not bothered by the amount in her bank account. ¬†She’s a pretty cool chick.

The house itself is okay, not really that excited about it.  When I first got here I spent most of my time scrubbing food stains off of various places and killing spiders.  I even found marijuana in my bed frame (how could housekeeping miss a mistake like this?)! I was totally disgusted with the house at first, but with a strong right arm and plenty of Pine Sol home is now a spotless, great place to hang.

Along with now living off campus, I have a new job! ¬†I’m an English tutor for the writing center at my school. ¬†I find this job way more rewarding than my old server position. ¬†This job helps me sharpen my editing skills as well as help people who are¬†struggling¬†to write well. ¬†I’m a people-pleaser at heart and love to help others, so thus far this job has been heaven.

I’ve been following through with my promises to myself to come back to school as a refreshed Disa. I do my hair and wear make-up everyday. ¬†As you can tell from the¬†beginning¬†picture I have a new hairstyle and I lost weight (I really don’t know how much because I don’t weigh myself, but people keep telling me I lost a lot. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†It’s super¬†awkward¬†for me to talk about my body with others). ¬†For the past two weeks I have also created somewhat of a social life. ¬†Every night I’ve been doing something¬†recreational. ¬†I probably should tone that down and focus on my school work for a while, but I’m allowed to have a little fun aren’t I?

And that’s pretty much so far on what has recently happened to me. ¬†Now you know what has taken over my life. I hope this is a good enough excuse for my¬†absence from this blog. ¬†I will try really hard to upload at the least weekly, but we will see. ¬†Continue to hang with me because I have a feeling this semester will be¬†anything but normal…