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The Facebook Sonnet

14 Oct


Enough said 🙂


The Reality of Persuasion

14 Oct

So pretty much the only thing I’ve gotten out of my English 400 (writing for citizen leaders. ?) class so far:

“Dorothy returned to full-time work a year and a half ago, after I quit my job.  The deal was that I would take over the cooking, but she loves to see her husband as the inspired author and herself as the able enabler.  My wife is a babe, and many babes go for inspired authors.  Of course, she might be persuading me: by acting as the kind of babe who goes for inspired authors, she turns me on.  Seduction underlies the most insidious, and enjoyable, forms of argument”.

Thank You For Arguing Jay Heinrichs

Things My Mother Never Told Me But I Discovered Them On My Own Post 3: Katy Perry is a Dark Angel

14 Jun


I’ve never been an avid Katy Perry fan, but now that I’m metamorphosing into a new stage of my life I’m starting to draw towards more out-spoken, riot-starters.  I’ve always been drawn to people and things labeled “different”, but was always afraid to express that side of me.  Well not anymore.  If you didn’t know, Katy Perry is an American pop singer who has been climbing the music charts with her unbelievable cheesecake fashion and hits like “I Kissed a Girl” and “E.T”.  It’s amazing to see this starlet’s progression from essentially a nobody to this iconic being in the A-list world.  Many young and aspiring entertainers must be envious and intrigued at how Ms. Perry got to be number 1.  Well MTV has decided to put any doubt about Katy Perry to rest with a future biographical film of Perry’s career.  I’m really excited and interested in seeing this film because I find a parallel between I and Katy Perry’s life.

In case you all did not know, as well as being loved by many Perry has also had her fair share of criticism.  One bone that some people have to pick with Perry is her so-called lack of musical integrity.  For all you who are not Katy Perry buffs, if you didn’t know Katy Perry used to do Christian music.  Like many artists who change their persona and musical style to fit whatever is advantageous to their image, Katy Perry’s career changed direction branching away from Christendom.  I don’t understand why people are bashing Perry for her career choices and claiming that she sold herself to the sinful, mainstream pop machine; she was willing to forget her morals for a paycheck.  I like how people assume that she “sold out”.  Perhaps Katy Perry has always been the pin-up fairy we see today, but she was afraid of others’ reactions.  What really bothers me about this specific complaint about Perry is as Katy Perry herself addresses in her film (loosely transcribed) “[America loves the good-girl gone bad story, but that’s not the case here].”  I can totally sympathize with that line, and it got me pumped to see the movie.  Why do people assume that “alternative individuals” are not good?  Do you see Katy Perry falling out of clubs drunk and/or high?  Is she exiting hotels with different guys every night? No. Why?  Because even though she chose a different path from her Christendom upbringing she’s still a good person.  Relative to my story, I’m happy (or sad; not sure which one I’m supposed to choose) to reveal that I am no longer single.  I’ve recently gone against the wishes of my family and starting dating an individual they do not approve of.  I cannot tell you my family’s gripe with this person just yet, but rest assure my (?) is not a mass murderer or a pimp.  This person just doesn’t fit my family’s view of my future.  At the moment me and my (?) are taking a break at my mother’s command, but I think about this person everyday.  I wish I was rich and influential as Katy Perry so I can just tell my family “get lost!” and move on, but unfortunately I’m a broke college student. Oh well, I’m still heading to theaters to fantasize about how life could be.


2 Jun

Being a Liar Is So Much Better

15 May

I come to you readers very depressed, so depressed that I’m not even sure how I am mentally capable of writing right now.  Recently I haven’t been able to sleep properly and I’ve been eating nothing but soft food because I’m having a hard time holding down anything solid. I can’t believe I was so happy a few days ago and now my world is in a tailspin because of a lie I have been living.  I wish I had a scapegoat for this, but the truth is I have no one to blame but myself.  I am not at liberty to discuss the “lie” I’ve been withholding at the moment, but I can tell you that this is a life-altering, conscious decision I have decided to make.  I hope my family and friends forgive me and still accept me for my true self.  I do plan on revealing my “problem” in later posts.

Now since I’m in the truthful mood I’ve decided to dedicate the next few posts to the theme “Truths My Mother Never Told Me But I Discovered Them On My Own”.  In these posts I will expose everything that has happened to me this semester.  Stay tuned.

By the way…

If any of y’all have any suggestions on how I should get over my issue please send them my way.  I’ve been watching  Chriselle Lim’s color therapy YouTube video lately hoping that it may help me with my sadness.  Her video discusses how the color of your clothes can improve your mood.  I’m not sure this works Chrissy because at the moment I’m wearing a bright pink t-shirt and I still want to stuff myself with brownies and hide under the covers, but I’m willing to watch your video again.  Maybe there is something I’m missing…


It’s 80 Degrees in VA and It’s a Blogging Kind Of Day!

23 Mar

Hi guys! I know I’ve been gone for forever, but life has been really crazy; a good crazy but nonetheless crazy.   I’ve return to have some real talk with my readers, if I still have any readers, because I’ve been enlightened and motivated to tell others about the life lessons I have begun to uncover at college. I’ve been taking time out to swallow down this difficult thing we call life, and really embrace it for what it is.  I know I write a lot about handling the stresses of life, but I learn new things about our universe every day that just astound me.  Like for instance, I don’t know if it is because a lot of my friends are graduating or I’m turning twenty-one any day now (two days to be exact), but lately I’ve been comparing my current life to my past high school life and it’s scary to realize how immature I was way back then.   There were so many things I was confused about.  As an example let’s talk about how 16 year-old Kandice thought about relationships: familial, friendships, romantic-all types of connections.  It’s funny how I remember how desperately I wanted to force relationships with people who are now meaningless, but the people I barely noticed have now become the most important thing(s) in my life.  Where was my head?  I also reminisce about the times when I wanted to be a chef, poet, and nurse all at the same time; I thought I could do it all.  What was I thinking?  I can barely finish my homework nowadays, and FYI being and English major sucks!  Okay, it’s not completely horrible, but I feel like my creative spirit is being ripped away from me with each college course I take.  Fellow English majors will understand what I’m talking about.  I don’t read anymore for enjoyment which kills me.  I remember when I was a kid I would stay up all night reading books and then the following day head back to the library for more.  Now I only read when I have to turn in essays. I can’t control this analytical monster that has decided to settle in my brain; it’s been nesting there for the past three years.

Or how about we discuss how 16 year-old Kandice thought about womanhood?  “If only I can find my prince charming to take away every fear including my period cramps I will be happy!” states the naïve and hormonal teen.   I JUST HAD THE BIGGEST ROFL OF MY LIFE!  What type of drugs was I on back then… oh right, puberty, but I definitely think differently now.  I’m starting to love myself and my femininity, and I don’t care if anyone of the male species will ever love me because I will learn to love myself first and only give my love to the worthy, whoever that may be.  Ah, those were fun times in adolescent high, but thank goodness I’m starting to develop maturity and clarity at a university level.

A random transition, but nonetheless relative, I have an announcement to make: I want to become a slam poet (among other things). I’ve become enamored with slam poetry.  I think slam poets are awesome and I’m secretly on a mission to become one along with becoming a K-Pop enthusiast as well. No, I haven’t given up on that dream yet either it just has taken a seat on the back burner.  In fact everything fun in my life including this blog I have had to take a break from because school and my social life have stolen any free time I once had.  But just because my opportunities to blog are disappearing doesn’t mean I’m giving up on this blog.  I promise I will try to make a harder effort to write more. I just have to adopt Obama’s attitude of “Yes I Can!”  Sorry if my writing seems erratic, but it has been that kind of semester.   I’m having a hard time keeping up with my life, but in a way I guess that was the goal I wanted this blog to help me reach in the first place. Right? Anyway, keep your eyes open for fresh posts and I frequently update my tumblr so if you want to check out some cool/funny/quizzical pictures on a daily basis tumble me  🙂



If my hypothetical boyfriend/future husband were to ever ask me the reasons why I love him…

2 Aug

Okay I’m not sure if it’s because of the summer heat that I’ve been recently bitten by the lovebug, but I’ve been thinking a lot about starting to date.  As you already know I’m twenty and have never dated. Not that it’s a bad thing to be twenty and never dated.  In fact, I applaud myself for not getting wrapped up in emotionally stressful, fruitless high school relationships;saved me a lot of drama.  But I have recently started to wonder how it feels to have somebody love you.  I guess I’m getting at the age where I should be looking for someone, but I’m not going to settle just for anyone.  I want to love someone so much that it hurts to love them; I want to be completely free with this person.  If it takes a little time to find him that’s fine; I’m about quality not quantity.  There are people out in the world who have dated a million people and never been in love.  I hope never to be like that. 

Well in honor of my search for Prince Charming here’s a list of things I look for in a potential mate:

If my hypothetical boyfriend/future husband were to ever ask me the reasons why I love him…

  1. I love the way his breath smells after coffee                                                                                                                                  
  2. I love his manly musk
  3. I love his rough hands
  4. I love that he makes me laugh or that he’s so serious that he allows me to be the comedian in the relationship
  5. I love that he loves to hug
  6. I love that he can make me laugh at my mistakes
  7. I love that he’s willing to defend me in any situation even when I’m wrong.
  8. I love when he gives me forehead and cheek kisses. (Modest affection to me is more powerful in meaning than raunchy PDA)
  9. I love that he loves to work (at anything)
  10. I love that we can still act like kids together
  11. I love that he’s charismatic borderline cocky
  12. I love that he’s a geek
  13. I love that he’s encouraging
  14.  I love that he thinks about our future
  15. I love that he recognized I was the most beautiful woman in the world the moment he saw me
  16. I love that he loves to eat take out in bed
  17. I love the way it feels to sleep on his chest
  18. I love the way he loves my mother even though me and her are at odds most of the time
  19. I love that he wants to make up for the hurt other men have caused me
  20. I love that he’s not afraid to tell me his fears
  21. I love that he tells people he wants our children to look like me
  22. I love that he is patient
  23. I love that he doesn’t need substances (drugs, alcohol,ect) to make him feel good. I make him feel good.
  24. I love that he’s usually the first one to apologize
  25. I love that he loves me in my entirety

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