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Where The Sidewalk Ends

14 Oct

Hi guys ūüôā Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. ¬†So much has happened this summer, but now fall is arriving and cooling everything down including my life. ¬†I want some hot chocolate and cookies now that I’m writing about the crisp season approaching my small, country college town. ¬†I’m in a new apartment with new¬†roommates¬†(thank goodness). ¬†All in all they are okay¬†roommates. ¬†The only negative thing that has happened so far at this house is that one evening I came home to a passed out roomie locked inside the bathroom, (we had to take a butter knife to pry the door knob off), and a shower full of vomit I later had the pleasure of cleaning up. Yeah, gross. ¬†Don’t worry :/ . ¬†We are still on good terms. ¬†She apologized to me and told me it would never happen again. ¬†Let’s hope not.

My classes this semester are the hardest I’ve ever taken . ¬†I’m taking a lot of 400-level writing intensive courses (the highest level of classes my college offers for undergrads) this time around,so the workload has doubled. ¬†On top of my daily mountain of school work I’m back to working at the writing center; I’m working more hours at the center this semester. ¬†All this work is making my head spin and causing me to crash on the weekends; I do absolutely nothing but sleep and party. Partying? ¬†Yes; I¬†believe¬†partying is in¬†inevitable in a lifeless college town like mine. ¬†Now I’m not “animal house”¬† partying. ¬†At the types of parties I get invited to we talk about things like literature and religion over peppermint patty shots. ¬†Not as exciting and stereotypical as most college parties, but they are still fun.

This post is a really lazy one because nothing is really going on in my life at the moment. ¬†I’ve been writing poetry a lot lately; I’m starting to take my creative writing seriously. ¬†I’m not sure where I want to go with this writing, but right now it’s really relaxing and¬†therapeutic. ¬†Other than that there is nothing else. ¬†I’ll get back to you when there is. ¬†In the meanwhile, lets all live life drunk and full:




I’m Back Playas! :)

8 May



Nutella got me through some rough patches this semester. I love thee Nutella.


To Blog: I’m so sorry my baby blog for leaving you alone for so long. ¬†Never again will I abandon you *squeezes tight*.

To My Readers: Hi guys ūüôā I am sorry for my lack of attention to this blog, but my life has taken some¬†weird¬†turns in the present. ¬†This past semester has been extremely interesting and busy, hence why I’ve been away. ¬†It sucks that I haven’t been writing¬†regularly, but at least the break has allowed me to experience some… funny moments, so I can write better stories for you guys. ¬†I just finished finals so I may not be back to¬†regularly posting right away, but here is a story from this past¬†semester that will wet your appetite for more.


Fall 2011

Tales From the Lame Rave

I think this may have been one of the worst nights at college ever for me.¬† It’s at least ranked in the top 10 most lamest moments of my life. Okay, so let me get to what actually happened:

Saturday mornings I usually go out in ministry and do preaching work in my community, but today the sky decided to drown my small college town with rain so ministry work was canceled.¬† Of course my ministry group didn’t make me aware of their cancellation plans until it was too late, and so I got up at 6 in the morning, on a rainy Saturday morning, just to be told to go right back to bed ūüė¶ .¬† Well after putting on my pajamas again and muttering to myself the importance of letting people know , especially me , when not to get dressed on a rainy Saturday morning, I fell asleep, agitated, for three hours.¬† After my gigantic nap I decided to care about my academics and do my homework; to be completely honest I had nothing else to do.

After I completed my homework (I completed it around 6) I decided to surf my university’s website for on-campus activities happening later that night. ¬†It turned out that my school was hosting a “silent¬†rave”. ¬†A “silent¬†rave” is basically a rave where people listen to the DJ’s selections through these special headphones that lets you choose what you want to groove to; you don’t have to be stuck dancing to a song you don’t like because you can just switch to another station you like. ¬†Convenient¬†right? At least that’s how the flashy ad of independent party girls made it appear as, but I was still game ¬†for this party. ¬†I was having a rocky relationship with my best friend at the moment, and I needed to have fun without her to prove to myself that I could make myself happy without others’ attention. ¬†With that personal endeavor in mind, I made it a point to make that night the best night I ever had out by myself. ¬†I spent two hours gussying myself up, even wore darn heels, for this party that was suppose to build my self-esteem up, but my plans went terribly wrong. ¬†When I finally did arrive to the rave looking like Jessica Rabbit I was saddened by what I saw. ¬†The dance-floor was empty with the exception of a few rhythmically-challenged nerds. ¬†I checked my cell phone. ¬†It was only 9:30 and the rave ended at midnight, so I¬†naively¬†thought¬†that the party just needed some warming up to do before it got exciting. ¬†Two hours later the geeks were still skating on the ice-cold dance floor. ¬†I retired to the room with the refreshments. ¬†Steaming pans of hot wings, spinach dip, and¬†mozzarella¬†sticks stared back at me pathetically. ¬†I ate my feelings that night and washed them down with angry, acidic Sprite; it was an ugly sight. ¬†After I stuffed myself with as much as I could, I left the party stomach bloated and crying. ¬†To put the cherry on the cake while I waited for the bus, it began to rain. ¬†So there I was: fat, lonely, and crying. ¬†Is this what my junior year was meant to be?

Of course my life hasn’t stayed this melodramatic so stay tuned for the Kandisky’s junior year adventures at college ūüôā

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