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The Facebook Sonnet

14 Oct


Enough said ūüôā


Diamond Diving: Tips on How To Become Your Own Search Engine

6 Jan

Over the course of my time owning this blog I have gained a talent at finding interesting¬†jewels¬†online. ¬†I have found so many amazing blogs, pictures, and videos from hours (*sigh) and hours of playing around on the internet. After about a couple of months of what seems like mindless internet browsing I’ve discovered that I have a system I usually follow that leads me to these treasures, and wanted to share my method with you all. ¬†Maybe you are interested in finding out how to have even more fun on the web too and would like to know how I do it. ¬†Well:

  1. Blogging to death: ¬†I read so many blogs it’s scary to know how involved I am in these cyber-celebrities lives. ¬†Becoming a loyal blog-reader of blogs that inspire you is a gateway to a boat-load of visual goodies. ¬†Interesting people have interesting things to say, and probably will refer you to other interesting people, places, and things. ¬†Follow the chain of awesomeness.
  2. Follow the links: ¬†Links are like footprints of something greater. ¬†If you trust a blogger’s opinion and style and they post a link cure your curiosity and check out the link. ¬†You will be¬†pleasantly¬†surprised at what you find, and how quickly and easy it is to form a new obsession. ¬†This tip also applies to twitter so invest time in checking things your fav blogging icons or¬†celebrities are tweeting on a daily basis.
  3. Skeletons in the closet: ¬†Now a days everyone wants fame and is willing to go to any lengths to get it. ¬†Positively speaking, most¬†cyber-celebrities are not just¬†successful¬†at one thing which means their creativity is somewhere else on the internet. ¬†If they have an incredible tumblr page chances are they have an¬†irresistible flickr page. ¬†If they have an amazing blog they probably have an equally fantastic YouTube channel. ¬†Today people don’t publish in one place anymore; they want to get recognition in as many ways as possible which gives you more¬†opportunities¬†to enjoy their work.
  4. Google Me- Sometimes for fun I just plug in a word into Google Images and wait and see what comes up (PG of course ^^).  If I find a picture I like I search to see who posted the photo.  7 out of 10 times I like the other things the person has posted, and before you know it I have a new, daily blog read.
  5. Comment Creeper: ¬†Trolls are not always evil; sometimes they are just people¬†desperate for followers for their blog or other web endeavors. ¬†Those annoying, pesky people who conveniently¬†come to visit your blog only to leave a comment with a link to their page do sometimes have stuff worthwhile seeing. ¬†You should check them out even if it’s kind of pacifying their bad-blogger behavior.

I hope these steps were helpful to you. ¬†Have a great weekend and happy hunting ūüôā !

Image from http://www.wehearit.com