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God Help The Girl!: A Soundtrack For Your Inner Manic-Pixie Dream Girl

18 Dec


So I have an upcoming article soon to hit Love Twenty web magazine about the “Manic-Pixie Dream Girl”. The term “Manic-Pixie Dream Girl” was created by critic Nathan Rabin after seeing Kristin Dunst’s character in the film Elizabethtown.  Rabin describes this archetype as a “bubbly, shallow cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventures” (Rabin).  In my article I criticize how harmful this modern Lolita characterization really is.  Who knew our favorite, quirky female protagonists were actually hindering female agency?  When that post becomes available on the site all of you should go read it 🙂 ! The topic is really interesting.  In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to create my personal soundtrack that embodies the Manic-Pixie Dream girl image; these quirky sirens who put viewers’ “tender hearts in a blender and watch it spin around into a beautiful oblivion”(Eve 6 Inside Out).  Hahaha being witty through obscure 90’s rock lyrics makes me smile.  Well on to the soundtrack:

1. Dirty Projectors- Two Doves

2. Regina Spektor- Hero and Us

3. Best Coast- Our Deal

4. Priscilla Ahn- Wallflower and I Don’t Have Time To Be In Love 

5.  God Help The Girl- God Help The Girl

6. Mumm-Ra- She’s Got You High

7. The Smiths- Please, please, please, let me get what I want

8. The Moldy Peaches- Anyone Else But You

9. Sixpence None The Richer- There She Goes

10. Oasis- Wonderwall

11. 311- Amber

12. Meiko- How Lucky We Are

13. Panic! At The Disco- Nine In The Afternoon

14. Ingrid Michaelson- You and I

15.  2AM Club- Mary

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Pink-Elephant Sighting: Brown Eyed Soul

17 Sep

Today’s post is a chill post about two very cool singers I found on YouTube.  Whenever I want to relax after a hard day of classes I play these two artists and pass out in my bed. The entertainers I chose this week are polar opposites of each other, but they both have a talent in producing creative songs and smooth lyrics.   Soon after reading this post Google more about these two artists.

Frankie Ocean:

Frank Ocean, a New Orleans native implanted in Los Angeles, California is a lyrical genius rapper.  I find it refreshing when I can find hip hop music that is actually talking about something more than how “shawty can drop it to the flo”.  This intelligent rapper (there should be a music genre out there called “intelligent rap”) , this “gifted avant-R&B smoothie”(qtd Jonah Weiner Rolling Stones) is slowly engraving his name in hip-hop history.  His song “Thinking About You” is my favorite creation from him.  The song simply talks about missing someone, but in the most creative way I’ve ever heard.  Take a listen:


 Priscilla Ahn:

Priscilla Ahn is probably one of the greatest Indie singers I’ve ever heard.  Her voice is so beautiful and tranquil that I usually use her songs to put me to sleep(but in a good way).  This Pennsylvania native has entranced America’s ears with  her magnificently composed songs and “common man” lyrics.  I really like her music because the way she describes normal, everyday emotions is beautiful to me; not many people can do that.  Here are some songs of hers that I think exemplify what I’m saying:

She is a great artist and it’s ashamed we don’t hear more about her on the radio.  In fact, we don’t hear much from the media about any of the artists I mentioned in this post.  Undiscovered gold my friends.

Pink Elephant Sighting: Mindy Gledhill “See The Good”

11 Sep




Pink-Elephants Sightings Revived!

It’s been a while since I did one of these.  I think I’m going to change this facet of my blog into a regular feature of awesome things I find on the web that inspire me to be well “me” instead of exclusively showcasing odd pink things. That objective became very limiting after a while, so I find this alteration a lot better.  Anyway on to the post:

While fumbling around YouTube I stumbled across this amazing Indie singer Mindy Gledhill.  From time to time I like to discover new, unique songs to add to the musical dictionary in my head so I ventured out (more like clicked the YouTube Video) and waited to see what the girl had, and let me tell you the GIRL HAS IT!  I love her music!  If I can best describe what her music sounds like it “will leave you floating like a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a strawberry soda”(ripped from http://www.facebook.com/MindyGledhillMusic).  Okay maybe the previous description is a little too dramatic, but her voice does have a very sweet, soft quality that unlocks all the warm and fuzzy feelings from within you.  Below are two of my favorite songs from her,”Eyes” and “See The Good”; “See The Good” is my absolute favorite as you can tell because it made the title of this post.  I posted the “See The Good” lyrics below for your viewing pleasure 🙂

This song is my autobiography :p

I am quite the feisty thing
No I’m not the kind of girl you’d bring
To meet your mom and dad,
But honey I’m so glad
You choose to see in me the good and not the bad

There are times when I forget
My p’s and q’s and lady-like etiquette
But you don’t get uptight
No you don’t get mad
Because you see in me the good and not the bad

People come and people go
About a dime a dozen, row by row
They’re here today and gone tomorrow

And I don’t want just anybody,
I want someone who’s gonna love me
For the fickled  person that apparently I am

Mine is not a perfect past
I’ve made enough mistakes to last
Me for my whole life through
But all because of you,
I try to keep my chin up when I’m feeling sad
Because you see in me the good and not the bad

Images from http://www.weheartit.com