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Where The Sidewalk Ends

14 Oct

Hi guys ūüôā Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. ¬†So much has happened this summer, but now fall is arriving and cooling everything down including my life. ¬†I want some hot chocolate and cookies now that I’m writing about the crisp season approaching my small, country college town. ¬†I’m in a new apartment with new¬†roommates¬†(thank goodness). ¬†All in all they are okay¬†roommates. ¬†The only negative thing that has happened so far at this house is that one evening I came home to a passed out roomie locked inside the bathroom, (we had to take a butter knife to pry the door knob off), and a shower full of vomit I later had the pleasure of cleaning up. Yeah, gross. ¬†Don’t worry :/ . ¬†We are still on good terms. ¬†She apologized to me and told me it would never happen again. ¬†Let’s hope not.

My classes this semester are the hardest I’ve ever taken . ¬†I’m taking a lot of 400-level writing intensive courses (the highest level of classes my college offers for undergrads) this time around,so the workload has doubled. ¬†On top of my daily mountain of school work I’m back to working at the writing center; I’m working more hours at the center this semester. ¬†All this work is making my head spin and causing me to crash on the weekends; I do absolutely nothing but sleep and party. Partying? ¬†Yes; I¬†believe¬†partying is in¬†inevitable in a lifeless college town like mine. ¬†Now I’m not “animal house”¬† partying. ¬†At the types of parties I get invited to we talk about things like literature and religion over peppermint patty shots. ¬†Not as exciting and stereotypical as most college parties, but they are still fun.

This post is a really lazy one because nothing is really going on in my life at the moment. ¬†I’ve been writing poetry a lot lately; I’m starting to take my creative writing seriously. ¬†I’m not sure where I want to go with this writing, but right now it’s really relaxing and¬†therapeutic. ¬†Other than that there is nothing else. ¬†I’ll get back to you when there is. ¬†In the meanwhile, lets all live life drunk and full:




Extending the Olive Oil and Zaatar?

29 Jul

Image from Weheartit.com

What’s up everybody ūüôā¬† I’m slowly coming back from the dead.¬† Sorry I haven’t been around as much as I would have liked¬†to, but I’ve been having¬†a rough summer so the¬† last thing on my mind was writing.¬† Things are slowly turning around however.¬† I am now writing for¬†Love Twenty online magazine, so I am extremely happy¬†to announce that, and yesterday I¬†found out that¬†Michele Ragussis¬†commented on my blog ^^! How cool is that?¬† I was ecstatic¬†when I saw the comment from the Food Network Star contender and felt honored that she took time out of her day to thank me, a random blogger.¬† Speaking of comments, I also received¬†a comment from an individual who said that I should immediately cross out “make a list of 10 things I love about myself” off my “Get-A-Life” goal checklist because there are definitely¬†more than 10 things to love about me.¬† I was really touched by that writer, and I just want them to know that their comment really changed the tone of my weekend; keep writing beautiful comments because you are changing people’s lives.

Okay ūüôā enough with being emo, lets talk about what’s been going on in Disa’s life. Okay well this summer I¬†definietly have been taking the opportunity to discover who I truly am.¬† I feel like I’m¬†finally

Coffy Cafe in Columbia Heights, Washington DC

asserting authority over my life.¬† My bestie¬†got herself an internship in DC this summer, so¬†I’ve been playing around with her in the city going to cafes, bars, and the mall; I feel so metropolitan.¬† For the remainder of¬†the summer I’m just going to plan to focus on my career goals, my writing, and repairing my relationship with my family.¬† As I’ve mentioned in a previous post me and my family have been on bad terms for a while now; things are just starting¬†to be¬†good again between us.¬† Last night I watched¬†retro slasher “I¬†Saw What You Did”¬†and ate¬†Jordanian Zaatar¬†on pita bread with my oldest sister-¬†both experiences were interesting.¬† “I Saw What You Did” was hardly scary¬†at all so I wouldn’t recommend¬†this movie to any¬†horror buffs.¬† The movie¬† featured Joan Crawford in her “past her prime” days, and her acting ability in this movie definitely¬†shows her time in the limelight was indeed¬†up.¬†The Jordanian Zaatar accompanied with pita bread was pretty good.¬† Normally I don’t¬† like Middle Eastern foods, but this meal was delicious and full of earthy, spicy¬†goodness.¬† All-in-all the evening was relaxing, and the most important thing is my sister decided to hang out with me.¬† She’s starting to care about me again even though she doesn’t agree with certain things I’ve decided to accept into my life; she’s worried if I’m in a good place mentally.¬† I can honestly say that I haven’t been feeling good about myself lately, but I’m trying really hard to get the “old Kandice” back, and be able to smile and laugh again without hesitation.¬† Hopefully things¬†are starting to look up for me.

*Most images are from Google with the exception of the photo from the Coffy Cafe.

A Wedding Proposal, Hogwarts, and Godzilla: Oh My!

22 Jul

Yes I’m still alive; I’ve just been working a lot and trying to enjoy the bit of summer I do have left before school starts.  I’ve been preparing for my big move at the end of July.  This semester I’m going to be welcoming a lot of changes.  What changes exactly?  Well for starters I’ll be at college alone for the first time; I attended the first two years with my twin sister, but she got sick at the end of our second year and had to go home.  Don’t worry, her physical health is okay, but she is dealing with some personal issues at the moment.

I’m excited to be on my own, but scared at the same time.   It’s like learning how to ride a bike: I want to ride without training wheels, but I’m afraid of falling.  Oh well, no need in stressing now.  Only time will tell if I can cut it on my own.

I apologize if this post is really boring, but nothing exciting is currently happening in my life.  At the moment of writing this I am watching Godzilla VS Mothra, that should be an indication of how my life is going *toilet flush*.  I still have a crappy job at yours truly (Ruby Tuesday), and I still hate it there, although on the night of the Harry Potter premier someone got proposed to in the restaurant!  I guess that’s one thrilling event because I’ve never seen a real life proposal before, but my five seconds of happiness was soon wiped away by the demands of my boss to roll an endless bucket of silverware.  I could have used some of Harry Potter’s magic at that moment.                                                                                                                                             link: http://weheartit.com/entry/12231454

More Kimchi Please!

28 May

I was not anticipating going out in the VA heat today, but I’m so happy I did ūüôā .¬† Today I tagged along with my sister to Annandale¬†for her Korean class.¬† I wish my university taught Korean, but unfortunately their not cool enough (lol).¬† Anyway, we arrived a little early to her class so to waste some time we went and played in K-town.¬† I had a blast! My sister took me to an H-mart for the first time.¬† For those who don’t know what an H-mart is H-mart is a supermarket chain that specializes in Asian food.¬† I absolutely love Korean food so this trip to the grocery store was¬†definitely¬†special for me.¬† The store was packed with all different types of Asian goodies from¬†Aloe water to shrimp chips.¬† There were even food sample ladies there that let you try some of the food before you purchased it (don’t you wish every grocery store offered that?).¬† The experience was really fun, and we had a nice Korean lunch later¬†that day, so to basically sum up this post I’m glad I got out of bed today and enjoyed life outside my pajamas ūüôā .


Hungry Man

16 Apr

So this will be yet another continuation post about the wonderful time I had this spring break.¬† If I had to choose the best part about my break it would have to be that I broke my diet and ate like a pig before Christmas (great analogy; stuff the pig so you can have a great, big ham on Christmas day)!¬† We (my family) went out to some really amazing places and ate a ton.¬† The only way I can describe it to you guys is through pictures (and to show off my new camera ūüôā ) :

Korean Fest!: I have an obsession with all things Korean, so of course I would be in love with the food as well.¬† I can still smell the bulgogi, spicy pork, toboki¬†(romanization of spicy rice cake), seafood pancakes-my mouth is watering as I speak!¬† I took my friend and family to¬†Ill-Mee,¬†a fantastic¬†Korean buffet in Annandale, VA (That area actually has tons of Korean restaurants¬†for the aspiring Korean foodie).¬† I was so stuffed when I was done¬†I felt like my stomach was going to pop, but luckily the amazing Koreans have a cinnamon drink that is very calming to the stomach and takes the “heavy” feeling away from your gut.¬† Saves me every time I decide to have a binge fest.

Before we¬†ran into the craziness that¬†turned our¬†girl’s night on the town¬†into the ¬†infamous Old Town night (if you weren’t exposed to that story click here), the evening started out pretty well.¬† We went to this great Italian restaurant¬†called Bertuccis.¬† Bertuccis¬†is a chain restaurant¬†so I’m pretty sure if you sat down and googled the name you too can taste the wonders of Italy in your town(so cheesy! :P).¬† I had pasta with a Bolognese sauce; it was the first time I’ve ever had a dish like that before.¬† Although it was a pasta dish and usually Italian¬†pasta dishes are heavy,¬†my meal¬†had a clean taste.¬† There wasn’t much going on but some lightly spread sauce and cheese,¬† so I didn’t leave the restaurant¬†feeling like Fat Joe.¬† I finished the meal off with some chocolate mousse that was really thick and¬†creamy. Yum!¬† When school’s out I’m definitely¬†going back to try some other things off the menu.

This delectable beauty to my¬†right is a glass of fried ice cream (Wow, there is no way of¬†sugar-coating¬†this unhealthy treat.¬† This is authentic junk food).¬† I had this dessert¬†at Chevy’s, a chain Tex-Mex restaurant¬†near my home.¬† To be honest this dessert¬†really didn’t wow me.¬† I mean¬†I liked the¬†foreign texture it left in my mouth;I got to have my cake and¬†eat it too by¬†having crunchy, creamy, and sweet all together, but it just didn’t give me that¬†“wow” factor.¬† Still¬†was worth it to¬†try it.

…¬†and last but not least the moment I’ve been waiting to document¬†has finally come.¬† I got to go to a place I’ve been dying to dine¬†at¬† forever:


Ben’s Chili Bowl is one of the most visited places in Washington, DC.¬† Its famous chili dogs have been featured on tv¬†programs such as Man VS. Food¬†on the Travel channel¬†and the Food Network.¬† It is a historical landmark for Washington¬† as this establishment has witnessed¬†¬†DC grow from a segregated city into our chocolate capital! As long as I have lived in DC I am ashamed to say I, until spring break happened, have never stepped into the iconic¬†chili bowl.¬† It’s exciting to¬†know that¬†I got to eat¬†in a place where¬†people like Obama, Anthony¬†Bourdain¬†(my foodie¬†guru),¬†Bill Cosby, and Chris Tucker sank their teeth into these delicious dogs.¬† I was so happy that day.

On to the food review:

The food was fantastic! Classic diner grub all the way.¬† My only complaint is that I didn’t have enough money to¬†order everything off the menu:)

Im in the famous Bens Chili Bowl restroom. Cool isnt it? ūüôā

My Guru! ūüôā

I had so much fun documenting all the good eats I got to experience over the break.¬† It was really fun.¬† Maybe I’ll incorporate a food feature on this blog somewhere.

Image Link

Cafeteria Munchies

20 Feb

I love food (maybe a little too much) and it always excites me when I can have a dining experience other than McDonald’s.¬† It’s very rare for me to taste five-star worthy food, so imagine to my surprise when my university’s cafeteria served students the following:

  • Lobster with Mornay sauce on top of a pastry puff¬†
  • Virginia crab cakes on grilled polenta with Mornay sauce¬†
  • Carved prime rib
  • Baked Alaska

Yum-O!¬† You may be asking yourself right now, what’s the big to-do about?¬† Why serve college kids lobster and crab? ¬† Well, from time to time my school’s¬†cafeteria¬†throws a appreciation dinner¬†for all students to¬†motivate us to keep up the¬†hard work¬†for the remainder of the¬†semester.¬† This is my second year in school and I’ve¬†become pretty accustomed¬†to SADs, but never have I experienced one of this stature.¬† Kudos to the culinary team who thought this one up!¬† Me and my belly felt really great after having that dinner, and it was just what I needed.¬† For awhile I was feeling really pessimistic¬†about school because it wasn’t turning out as I planned (My feelings about higher¬†education are floating between meh and I absolutely hate it here!), but after this dinner I felt that a community does actually exist at my school.¬† I didn’t feel so alone.¬† A crab cake can do that to you.

Tears and Burnt Taste buds

22 Jan


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Well audience I’ve reached a verdict.¬† I am officially crazy.¬† Now hold your horses! Before you start¬†referring me to a couple of¬†good therapists you know¬†let me explain myself.¬† Because I am leaving for school in a few days my mom thought it would be a brilliant idea to go out for a farewell dinner.¬† To many of you this seems very normal, you may even consider it a really nice gesture, but if you know anything about my family¬†family dinners are a BIG mistake.¬† They never¬†go well and they always end in tears or a fight.¬†¬†At the current¬†family battle I was the culprit.¬† I will admit my actions that day were not the best because it was a post-PMS day and all I wanted to do was sit around, blog, and sleep, but I promise you there is more to this story.¬† My family is going through serious financial problems (like most of America), and we¬†definitely don’t have money to spend (today we are debating whether are not to buy¬†butter, and not for health reasons either), so when I¬†heard that we were going out to a¬†restaurant that we clearly could not afford I was enraged.¬† I went willingly because I didn’t want to upset my mother, but I was very angry.¬† As we sat down and waited to order the prices on the menu kept rolling around in my head, and the stress of spending money was hurting my chest.¬† My mom could tell something was bothering me and she asked me what was wrong.¬† Of course, because it wouldn’t be a¬†Disa moment unless it was strange, I bust out crying trying to explain my attitude.¬† I don’t know why I cried, but I just did and the evening went out the window.¬† I guess I was just angry and confused because I didn’t want this meal to come back and bite us.¬† I didn’t want a guilty feeling later for enjoying myself, and thus the flood gates were open.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Well this story does have a sort of happy ending.¬† After my mom calmed me down and told me to basically shut up and enjoy the present I did exactly that.I ordered a¬†cheese steak with BLT (bacon, lettuce, and yummy tomato) with a side of seasoned fries (oh buddy!).¬† I ate that¬†sandwich so fast I think I may have frightened the waitress.¬† Because I ate like a speedy caveman I ended up with burnt¬†taste buds (currently typing with a numb tongue) as warrior scars.¬† You’re probably wondering why you should care about this story.¬† I thought I would share this with you all because I know there are probably people out there in my same exact boat.¬† For those who are suffering from this terrible economy just follow my mother’s advice, “shut up and enjoy the present”.¬† You may be going through rough times, but make the best of your situation, live life to the fullest, and remember you can make a castle out of any home and a fairytale out of any lifestyle.¬† Wish I would’ve¬†realized that before I exposed a¬†restaurant full of people to my flow of flood works.¬†


Photo Image: http://weheartit.com/entry/3553803