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The Facebook Sonnet

14 Oct


Enough said 🙂


It’s 80 Degrees in VA and It’s a Blogging Kind Of Day!

23 Mar

Hi guys! I know I’ve been gone for forever, but life has been really crazy; a good crazy but nonetheless crazy.   I’ve return to have some real talk with my readers, if I still have any readers, because I’ve been enlightened and motivated to tell others about the life lessons I have begun to uncover at college. I’ve been taking time out to swallow down this difficult thing we call life, and really embrace it for what it is.  I know I write a lot about handling the stresses of life, but I learn new things about our universe every day that just astound me.  Like for instance, I don’t know if it is because a lot of my friends are graduating or I’m turning twenty-one any day now (two days to be exact), but lately I’ve been comparing my current life to my past high school life and it’s scary to realize how immature I was way back then.   There were so many things I was confused about.  As an example let’s talk about how 16 year-old Kandice thought about relationships: familial, friendships, romantic-all types of connections.  It’s funny how I remember how desperately I wanted to force relationships with people who are now meaningless, but the people I barely noticed have now become the most important thing(s) in my life.  Where was my head?  I also reminisce about the times when I wanted to be a chef, poet, and nurse all at the same time; I thought I could do it all.  What was I thinking?  I can barely finish my homework nowadays, and FYI being and English major sucks!  Okay, it’s not completely horrible, but I feel like my creative spirit is being ripped away from me with each college course I take.  Fellow English majors will understand what I’m talking about.  I don’t read anymore for enjoyment which kills me.  I remember when I was a kid I would stay up all night reading books and then the following day head back to the library for more.  Now I only read when I have to turn in essays. I can’t control this analytical monster that has decided to settle in my brain; it’s been nesting there for the past three years.

Or how about we discuss how 16 year-old Kandice thought about womanhood?  “If only I can find my prince charming to take away every fear including my period cramps I will be happy!” states the naïve and hormonal teen.   I JUST HAD THE BIGGEST ROFL OF MY LIFE!  What type of drugs was I on back then… oh right, puberty, but I definitely think differently now.  I’m starting to love myself and my femininity, and I don’t care if anyone of the male species will ever love me because I will learn to love myself first and only give my love to the worthy, whoever that may be.  Ah, those were fun times in adolescent high, but thank goodness I’m starting to develop maturity and clarity at a university level.

A random transition, but nonetheless relative, I have an announcement to make: I want to become a slam poet (among other things). I’ve become enamored with slam poetry.  I think slam poets are awesome and I’m secretly on a mission to become one along with becoming a K-Pop enthusiast as well. No, I haven’t given up on that dream yet either it just has taken a seat on the back burner.  In fact everything fun in my life including this blog I have had to take a break from because school and my social life have stolen any free time I once had.  But just because my opportunities to blog are disappearing doesn’t mean I’m giving up on this blog.  I promise I will try to make a harder effort to write more. I just have to adopt Obama’s attitude of “Yes I Can!”  Sorry if my writing seems erratic, but it has been that kind of semester.   I’m having a hard time keeping up with my life, but in a way I guess that was the goal I wanted this blog to help me reach in the first place. Right? Anyway, keep your eyes open for fresh posts and I frequently update my tumblr so if you want to check out some cool/funny/quizzical pictures on a daily basis tumble me  🙂



How to be a Korean G Part 2!

18 Sep

This is a continuation post from the previous post earlier about Korean slang.  This post is a list of American-created Korean slang  made up by some American expats living in South Korea. Some of these phrases are so funny I just couldn’t pass up re-blogging them here.

Current Korean Slang among Expats

So what if the Korean language is not your first language? You can still use it in a way that’s probably not used by the locals. These are the examples I’ve heard – or used – of recent:

ah-ssa! (아싸!): All right! Yes! Sweet! A stand-alone statement indicating joy. ‘Olleh!’ is popular amongst younger people, but ‘ah-ssa’ is more commonly heard from people old enough to drive or older.

A: Did you hear that we’ll have a lot more holidays in 2011?

B: Ah-ssa!

What the kimchi?: A version of ‘what the [$#@&], said primarily when the situation is distinctly Korean.
My boss said I’d be fired if I didn’t attend the after-dinner party. What the kimchi?
jinjja (진짜)? A Korean word meaning ‘really?’ or ‘are you serious?’ Sometimes used as ‘I don’t believe it’ Although it’s common amongst Koreans as well, it’s inserted in conversation between English-speaking expats.
A: My friend just told me he saw Big Bang at E-mart.
B: Jinjja? 
opsoyo (없어요): The Korean word meaning ‘doesn’t have’ or ‘doesn’t exist’. It’s sometimes used in English conversation, replacing ‘out of something’.
That bartender just said they were all opsoyo of Guinness and it’s only 9pm. What the kimchi?
 ajumma (v.): to overly or aggressively push someone out of the way. Originally describing a married middle-age woman in Korean, ‘ajumma’ has become a verb named after the stereotypical shove these middle-aged women use to navigate a crowd.
(As said to a middle-aged woman) Don’t try to ajumma me!
(As said to a friend) Don’t go all ajumma on me! (Similar in meaning to that classic, ‘Don’t tase me bro!’)
ajumma (adj.): to describe an article of clothing or item as something only a middle-aged woman would wear or use.
Man, gotta love those ajumma pants – plaid, stripes, and eighteen colors.
A: Hey, what do you think of this shirt?
B: It looks kind of ajumma to me.
SoKos (n.) – locals; South Korean nationals.
Konglishing (v.) – to say an English word in a Korean way. For example, “nice” often becomes ‘na-ee-SUH’, while ‘pizza’ becomes ‘pee-jah’, and so on. Also known as Konglishizing. Credit to ‘weirdgirlinkorea’ on a a waygook.org thread.
If you couldn’t get enough of this list check out more here!

To The Dark Side

9 Feb


Your life is not boring, it's endlessly fascinating, you've just been living it too long... lol, you guys know what I mean. Oh no,I'm going to get arrested...-Professor Kjorness

  That my friends is the greatest thing I’ve heard all week.  This amazing quote came from the mouth of my world music professor who I think deserves a pay raise for just being more  freaking awesome than most of the professors at my school.  I know I’m supposed to be a die-hard English major, but I think I may trade in my Shakespeare badge and go over to the dark side (aka music) if everyone who is musically inclined has a thought process like this.  This saying explains exactly what my blog is about.  I’ve been taking my life for granted, viewing it as trivial and boring, when really I do have a pretty exciting life(or hope to have one soon).  It’s amazing how exciting your life sounds once on paper(or in a post) and with pictures attached.  I hope this quote will encourage those who have been viewing my blog to continue reading.  The blog’s lack of a structured idea may be a turn-off for some of you guys, but you have to remember this is a personal/public blog and as I’ve stated before I have a personality disorder so I can’t narrow my blog down to one topic.  I hope you guys just learn to get me