We’re Broken Up and I Was Left With a Frying Pan and Yoga Pants…

6 Dec

Hi readers 🙂 ! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long.   It’s my senior year at college and the workload this semester was crazy @.@ Now that finals are over I can get back to writing for this blog and sorting through my life.  Thanks for continuing to read and I will be updating soon.  The story below is a diary entry I wrote during this semester about some life changes that have occurred in my life.  It is really short, sweet, and simple, but this is just something for y’all to chew on while I work on  more content for this blog.  Please feel free to comment  🙂


I bought a frying pan, yoga pants, and broke up with my best friend  all in one week.  Why is my life like a bad spin-off?  I try to avoid this type of drama, but it seems to follow me everywhere I go.  I can’t create this kind of chaos in my life even if I tried.  Basically this is what happened:

  1. On Friday my friend revealed the ugliness within herself to me and our friendship ended.  (This occurred the weekend of Halloween.  I don’t know if that is what influenced her to turn all Freddy vs. Jason on me)
  2. Cried about it for literally 15 minutes then went to my local bar.
  3. Saturday I bought a frying pan.  Not sure if I subconsciously purchased this item to drown out my sorrow about my broken friendship with fried calories, but now I can cook at home which is something  I always wanted to do.
  4. Along with the frying pan I bought yoga pants in case my “junk food therapy” came back to bite me lol.

This is a summary of my current life.  I’m sad to admit I’ve been lonely at times since the break up, but I would rather be happy and alone then crowded around false friends and depressed.  The relationship was mentally draining because I always felt like I had to keep up with her, had to be good enough for her to make our friendship last.  I think she recognized my insecurity and took advantage of it.   I had to change the way I was being treated, even if that means from now on lonely lunch dates and Friday nights. Oh well. Fried twinkie anyone?



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